How to configure PVOutput from Energomonitor

Great news!  You can now send your data from Energomonitor to!

So, you're going to need several bits of information:

1)  The description you've used to describe your solar channel on Energomonitor -> Settings -> Sensors and Devices -> select your Solar channel and click edit -> select your description field and copy it somewhere safe - it'll probably be something like "Solar Generation (1)"

2)  Your Energomonitor username and password


Now go to and create an account.

Next go to "Add Output"

In the Automatic Uploads section, select "Energomonitor"

In the Username section enter your username for Energomonitor

In the Password section enter your password for Energomonitor

In the Stream Out section enter the description for your solar channel as described in 1) above.

Hit Save

Wait 10 minutes for some data to appear... and voila!  You have set up!

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    Is it possible to feed another channel into Pvoutput or only channel 0

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    Hello, you can run two channels to PVOutput  - Thee is a Stream Out and a Steam In on the input section on PVOutput where you can specify the correct channels.

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    Yes I got another channel working by putting Sensor 1 in those fields. I have left Feed Id blank for both channels. I however can't get Sensor 2 working?. With a few hours of trialling settings it is gradually working. 

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