Can the OptiSmart measure net import/export of power from the grid when connected to a smart meter?

All the smart meters we have seen do the following:

When importing power from the grid, the LED flashes (normally 1 flash per watt/hour).
The optical reader reads this flash and sends the data to the NetSmart Gateway or EnviR display.

When exporting power to the grid, the LED does not flash and either remains on or off, and hence the OptiSmart does not send any signal.

Effectively this means that the OptiSmart will transmit the total amount of power being imported from the grid, but not your net import or export.

A second transmitter and CT clamp can be attached to the AC output of your solar inverter to determine the power that is being generated by your solar panels. 

A third transmitter and CT Clamp can be attached into your switchboard to determine the total house consumption.

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