Can a transmitter be linked to multiple displays?


The displays and transmitters all use the same protocol, which means that many displays can receive the same signal.

So you can have one display by your router, and one display in your kitchen.

How to pair a transmitter to multiple displays:

1)  Take the transmitter and both displays and put them in the same room.

2)  Select the channel you want to tune the transmitter to on both displays.

3)  Push the red button on the transmitter and hold it until the LED on the transmitter flashes once.

4)  Push and hold the tuning button on BOTH displays and hold until the LED flashes once.  Then release.

5)  The displays will now go into tuning mode.

6)  The displays will pick up the signal from the transmitter. Wait a couple of minutes and you'll see a reading of "0 W" on both displays.

7)  Connect the transmitter to the CT Clamp (CT Clamp must have been installed by an electrician) and away you go.


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