Can the EnviR show three (3) different tariffs? We have a Smart Meter which gives us Off Peak, Shoulder and Peak.

The EnviR display has a peak and an off-peak during a 24 hour period.

The tariffs cannot be changed per channel or per day.

One way of displaying more accurate information is as follows:

Get your last electricity bill.

Offpeak = 10c/kWh = 200 units = $20
Shoulder = 15c/kWh = 400 units = $60
Peak = 30c/kWh = 1000 units = $300

Add the offpeak and the shoulder bill together:
$20 + $60 = $80

Divide this total by the number of units used
$80 / (200 units + 400 units) = $0.1333

Use this total as your cost input for the "offpeak" tariff on the EnviR.

Set the "offpeak" time period on the EnviR to cover both the offpeak and the shoulder period as defined by your electricity company.

This will give you more realistic information on your EnviR display.

Yes, we know it's not perfect, but it definitely helps.

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