How do I pair more than one transmitter to my energy monitor?

Press the large button on the Energomonitor Gateway until the display shows 01 (or whichever spare channel you wish to use)

Then pair as before:

Press the red button for 10 seconds on the transmitter or IAM you wish to pair. When you release the button, the red led should flash repeatedly.

While the LED on the transmitter is flashing rapidly, press and hold the large round button on the Energomonitor until the energy monitor’s red LED flashes, then release the button. Channel 01 will pair to the transmitter, and then after a minute or so  will clear and then revert to normal operation showing the power from that transmitter or IAM.

Once complete, you can move on to tuning your next IAM or transmitter by selecting the next channel you want to use on the Energomonitor Gateway (i.e. 02) and repeating the process.



Current Cost EnviR (discontinued)
While the LED on the transmitter is flashing rapidly, press <UP> or <DOWN> until you are on the channel (Appliance) of choice then hold down the right <DOWN> button for 5 seconds then release.
The display will pair and the EnviR will show 240 for about 1 minute representing the voltage.

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