When I turn on an appliance in my home, the reading on my display goes down instead of up. Why is this?

If you have solar panels and you are seeing your Energy Now reading relating to your total energy consumption go DOWN instead of up when you turn on an appliance it is almost certainly because your CT Clamp is incorrectly positioned.

The CT clamp cannot tell you the direction in which current is flowing - it merely reads the amount of current passing through. 

The CT clamp may be positioned incorrectly and may actually be measuring the amount of power you are exporting to the grid - during the day your panels may be generating power and you may be sending some of this power to the grid. When you turn on an appliance such as your fridge more power is required in your home so the amount you are sending back to the grid decreases. If you then turned that appliance off the power being sent to the grid would increase once more. 

Below is the link to the solar installation guide to explain exactly where your CT clamps should be positioned.

The CT clamp reading your energy consumption needs to be installed on the house side (load side) of the main switch and must go around both the feed from the main switch and the feed from the solar inverter.


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