Problems with pairing (tuning) the transmitter to the display and to other channels


On the front of the transmitter or IAM is a recessed button that you need to be able to push.  The inside of a ballpoint pen or a used match is a good tool to use.

Press this recessed red button for 10 seconds on the transmitter you wish to pair. When you release the button, the red led should flash repeatedly.
Then go to the display, press up / down until you are on the channel (Appliance) of choice then hold down the right (DOWN) button for 5 seconds then release.

The display will pair (and the display may show 240 for about one minute representing the voltage).

If you have two displays then pair both displays to the transmitter at the same time as both displays can receive the signal from both transmitters.

1. How do I pair Appliance 1?
Press up/down on the display until you are showing Appliance 1 on the bottom right hand side of the screen...
Then pair as described above.


2. I have 'cross' pairing and my display alternates between two different transmitters every couple of seconds.

To resolve this, follow the instructions above to tune one transmitter to an unused channel.  Tune the other transmitter to an unused channel.

Now you're separated them, you can retune them to the desired channels.

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