How much history does the EnviR store?

Historical Data

The EnviR outputs the live instantaneous Watt reading for all ten channels every six seconds.

Once this data has been pushed it is discarded.

The EnviR stores historical data on all ten channels:
The number of kWh used every 2 hours for the last 31 days
The number of kWh used every day for the last 90 days
The number of kWh used every month for the last 7 years

The historical data stored is the amount of power used during that time period - it it NOT a single sample from the middle of the time period.

Getting the historical data from your EnviR

The EnviR publishes its historic data for all ten channels at 1 minute past every odd hour (ie. 1:01, 3:01, 5:01 etc.). 

The publishing takes about 5-10 minutes (can be much longer) depending on how much data there is (i.e. how long your has been running and how many sensors you have synchronised to it).

Your software needs to be running during this period in order to capture the data.

You can force the EnviR to publish the historic values by holding down the "OK" and "Down" buttons together for about three seconds until the red LED flashes then release the buttons. The EnviR will then immediately publish out all its history over the space of a couple of minutes (again depending on how much data there is). Note that the clock on the EnviR may need resetting after this publishing sequence has finished.

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