Can I use a USB cable to upload data from my energy monitor to my computer?


Using the Energomonitor to post your data to is the best way to see your data on your computer.



EnviR (discontinued) Advanced technically capable users only

The EnviR has an RJ45 serial socket on the underside.

This can be connected to a computer using a special USB cable that we can supply.

Drivers and basic software are available on our site.

Please be aware that we do not support this or any software that we have on the site.  You can get the raw data out using the XML specification (search for "XML" on this helpdesk) if you wish to build your own software.


NB - Yes, the NetSmart Gateway does have an RJ45 socket on the back of it.  Please do not connect this using a USB to a computer.  It is not designed for this.  We have no details on how this should be connected or what it outputs.




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