cMonitor iPhone App

We highly recommend the cMonitor iPhone App.

It's very easy to set up, has a very clean design and is very easy to use.

Plus, it only costs $2.49!

Pop over to iTunes to get it now.

It's the work of MotionMaster in Victoria, and everyone is saying great things about it.

“I use the iPhone app – cMonitor to periodically monitor what is happening…. the cMonitor App worked great and is also one time purchase …it was so simple to set up!”


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    Good app, use it all the time
    Doesn't work well with Current Cost NetSmart gateway receiving data from a Senseable Transmitter with a mains usage clamp. The app mixes up the temperature and the power channels. I get 5000C temperature display and zero 'Main' power.
    The developers have yet to get back to me on this.

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