What happened to Current Cost?

SmartNow worked with Current Cost Ltd in the UK for six years from July 2009 to September 2015.

In August 2014 Current Cost Ltd formed a partnership with Energomonitor, a highly respected Czech technology company.  Energomonitor redesigned the Current Cost Gateway, put some real smarts and some real quality into the product and included a new protocol as well which is much more secure.  Current Cost Ltd moved the production of the Gateway and some other components to Energomonitor in the Czech Republic.

Current Cost Ltd went into liquidation in September 2015 with liabilities of nearly £1m.

Since then we have partnered with Energomonitor to continue supplying high-quality energy monitoring equipment to Australia.

If you wish to renew a data subscription to Current Cost, please contact Current Cost direct through their website www.currentcost.com.  This is still operating as Current Cost (Hong Kong) is still in existence.


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