UPDATE 14:37 12/5/2016 appears to be working, along with  We believe that there may be a lag as various accounts come online, but progress is being made.


UPDATE 13:57 9/5/2016

Update from Xively:  We are aware of the situation, but the actual cause is unknown.  The Xively platform is running like it should.  We are working on giving the team at Current Cost some added support, but as we discussed the current solution is fragile at best.  We will be announcing a sunset plan for the Xively platform that Current Cost is using over the few months.  All of our other customers have effectively transitioned to the new version of Xively.


UPDATE 12:25AM 4/5/2016:

Xively have responded and said that their Xively Personal system is working fine and that it's Current Cost's issue.  Which it blatantly isn't.  If it was, all PVOutput feeds would be working but wouldn't.  This is not the case.  We have informed them of this.


As of 01:36AM 3/5/2016's personal service (which powers is down and has been for several days.

Neither Xively nor Current Cost are responding to requests for comment or an update about when the service will be back up and running.

We advise our customers to do the following:

1)  Email [email protected] asking for an update

2)  Post a comment on Xively's Facebook page:

We no longer work with Current Cost.  For a reliable alternative we suggest the Energomonitor Gateway.  If you have an existing Current Cost Gateway (not a Bridge) we can remotely upgrade you over the internet to post your data to Energomonitor.


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